In mist and moonlight, we weave and spin, Awaiting the battle with vicious grin!
Enemies we seek and those who may dare, To challenge us warriors with enticing snare!
Our glistening webs of delicate thread, Will smother our foes until they are dead!
And any surviving miserable wretch, Will taste of our poison--a potion so vetch!

by: Sheldon J. Young

~ Clan Widowmaker Demographics ~

Founded: 2807
"Absorbed": 2834
Classification: Clan
Homeworld: Roche (Formerly)
Founding Members:

  • Khan - Jason Karrige
  • saKhan - Muriel Sanders
  • Gal Com - Cal Jorgennson
  • Star Col - Kyle Vordermark

~ Canon History Overview ~

One of the 20 original Clans formed under Nicholas Kerensky, Clan Widowmaker would make a mark on Clan lore during its short lifetime. Out of the founding of the Clan, Widowmaker took place in Operation KLONDIKE, tasked with the liberation of Dagda alongside the Burrocks, the Goliath Scorpions, and the Fire Mandrills. During this campaign Widowmaker suffered the loss of its saKhan due to a successful assassination attempt. This would mark the beginning of a brutal leg of the campaign that would lead to the Widowmaker's being sidelined for the final assault, a privilege which went to the Falcons and Wolves (thanks to the failures of the other Clans tasked to Dagda). This would mark the beginning of the supposed feud between the Widowmakers and Wolves, a feud which was fueled by jealousy not unlike the feud that would develop years later between the Falcons and Wolves.
        The years following the success of Operation KLONDIKE would be shrouded with mystery and coverups due to the Wolverine Incident, an incident that would take the life of the Clan's first Khan and erase his blood legacy. Regardless, the saKhan at the time, Cal Jorgensson (Hans Ole Jorgensson's brother) was elevated to Khan and it would only be a year before the Widowmakers would find themselves in trouble for a massacre of their own people, not unlike the Londerholm revolt. Due to the fact the Clans were still growing and finding their way, this was deemed proof of the Widowmaker's inept leadership and would end up facing Absorption by the Wolves. The following Trial would forever be remembered by the Clans as the Widowmakers broke the Circle of Equals. Nicholas Kerensky and his entourage would intervene, only to see Nicholas Kerensky die to a laser blast from Khan Jorgensson's Highlander. The subsequent chain of events would seal Widowmaker's fate as they were demolished and pushed to their homeworld of Roche. Laying in wait, the remaining Widowmaker's set a trap for the invading Wolves, which almost succeeded, but fate had a different plan for the Widowmakers as their bitter rival, the Goliath Scorpions had sent a force to intervene and help the Wolves.
        Despite the tainted past of the Widowmakers, they had earned a reputation that survived even up to the Clan Invasion of being the bad boys of the Clans, as evidenced by many within the Dark Caste and Natasha Kerensky herself using the symbol of the Clan. While not as mysterious as the Wolverines (or the Not-Named-Clan to most clanners), they played an important part in the formation of the Clans and their rituals. Providing another anti-Clan Clan faction, an important yet seemingly contradictory role for any faction. They were also noted as the founders of the Clan Watch (officially). With all their lore and the love for both the name and totem animal of the Clan, it is no surprise that the Clan is as famous as it is for such a seemingly minor role in the Battletech Universe.