The Widowmaker’s of the 55th Pursuit Squadron offer something unique to perspective recruits…and that is continuity of leadership. With 18 years of online gaming history the members of Clan Widowmaker have actually spanned generations…


We are looking for like individuals and small groups who seek to endeavor to enrich the Star Citizen universe and are who are both casual and goal driven players.



  • Both mutually and towards our allies and even enemies alike. Respect is a core pillar of who we are.


  • We don’t claim to be the biggest, nor have we ever aspired to be but we are a tight knit and time tested group of many online games and push the boundaries of content.


  • Our focus and intent is driven by this, teamwork is another core pillar of who we are, assisting one another with in game goals is a given.


The 55th’s primary intent is to have fun first and foremost…however we do intend to claim some small sector of space as our own and develop a base of operations from which to work from. Periodic support missions of other unit entities for a “fee” are another primary mission and goal we have.


With many of our members already possessing a wide range of ships to include 2 Javelin escort destroyers and multiple Idris class corvettes we have a well-rounded fleet and intend to provide mutual support towards our members growing in game assets.


With a well-rounded fleet composition our MTOE, (Military Tables of Equipment) of ships and players will allow for us to provide a rapid and agile response to various threats. That said Clan Widowmaker maintains a training command division within its games that develop and formulate strategies and integrate new members into our units. As the game matures we will be developing training guidelines specific to the Star Citizen Universe.

Our fleet will be a home for any and all pilots that are like minded and drama free. One important aspect we will encourage is open divisions. While everyone will have a primary division when duty calls we plan on allowing our members to experience any and all of the game mechanics/areas.


Explorer Corps
Diplomatic Attaché’

Members will have access to our private forums that include many tools for success.

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The following regulations are to be followed by all members of CWM, regardless of rank or position within the Clan. Any infringement upon these regulations, by any member, shall be appropriately dealt with by the leaders.

Code of Conduct

  • All members, regardless of assignment, are to ensure that the laws of CWM are upheld.
  • All members are to treat each other with mutual respect, generosity and tolerance.
  • All forms of discrimination are not tolerated.
  • All members, regardless of assignment, are to be treated equally with the exception of ranking officers or officials as per the hierarchy of the CWM.
  • Members are instructed not to take upon themselves decisions regarding the Clan as a whole, unless authorised to do so by an appropriate ranking officer or official.
  • All members are charged with maintaining the privacy of information found within CWM’s secure HQ.
  • Any concerns regarding the Clan are to be brought to the relevant ranking officer or official. All such concerns are to be treated with diligence, respect and careful consideration.
  • Members are to avoid public confrontations with other organisations and individuals where possible. For internal arguments please refer to the appropriate ranking officer or official who will deal with the situation.
  • At all times, members of the Clan will respect officers and officials in all sections by listening to them and following their lead in matters within the jurisdiction of said officers/officials.
  • A Clan member may not be a member of another fleet or organisation without receiving permission from a ranking officer or official.
  • Members are entitled to defend themselves from derogatory or defamatory remarks, but must ensure not to jeopardise the reputation of the Clan or any of its members.
  • Members are entitled to join multiple sections inside the Clan.

Clan Directives

  • Members are entitled to defend themselves or any other members of Clan WidowMaker when engaged in combat.
  • It is not permitted for a member of the Clan to engage an allied force(s).
  • Clan officials will not tolerate acts of piracy.
  • Members will defer to the authority of the present ranking officer or official. Any concerns regarding said officers and officials are to be directed through official channels.