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~ Conners Bloodname History ~


After many years of peace and prosperity in the Inner Sphere, greed, hatred and lust for power threaten to destroy it. Knowing that the path the House Lords had chosen would lead the Inner Sphere to oblivion, Alexander Kerensky with 80% of his Star League Defense Force left for what would be known as the Pentagon Worlds. Here they would start a new Civilization built on his ideals.

Once settled on the Pentagon worlds tensions were high, discontent and rioting were threatening to erupt into a civil war. Alexander sent General Aaron DeChevilier and a detachment of troops to put down the rebellion. During the fighting DeChevilier was killed by a rebel ambush.

Struck with grief, Alexander cited General order 137. Disregarding any legal ramifications the order might bring, he sent in troops to execute the rebel forces. Among the troops sent was one of his most loyal and skillful warriors, Santiago Conners.

Eager to impose his revenge on the rebels, for the death of his fallen comrade, the young Conners was granted the duty of executing the rebel forces. With his band of warriors and mechs, Santiago attacked with extreme force and precision. The efficiency of their attack made quick work of the rebels but instead of preventing further conflict it only caused more resentment towards Alexander and the standing military.

While preparing plans for a campaign to secure Edan Alexander died of a massive heart attack. Nicholas Kerensky, Alexander's son, realized the only way to preserve his father's dream and the salvation of his people was to call for a second exodus to Strana Mechty. Knowing that the civilians and scientist would be vital to their survival Nicholas issued pleas through the media of the five planets urging them to join the exodus. With 25% of the civilian population and many from the scientific community Nicholas left the Pentagon Worlds for Strana Mechty.

With his army's training tainted by their sinful past, Nicholas organized his 800 warriors in to 20 Clans with 40 warriors each. Conners, a star commander in Clan WidowMaker followed his Khan Karrige to reclaim the Pentagon Worlds.

When the Clans returned to the pentagon worlds they realized that the Exodus Civil War was more devastating than any cival war fighting to date. The rebels were numerically superior but it did not matter to the Clans. Under the guidance of Khan Karrige, Conners and his Star attacked with savagery, destroying enemy mechs at a rate of 3 to 1.

With the war nearly to an end Conners found his self standing in the middle of a recently finished battle in his Exterminator. Nicholas had just spoken to him over comms, congratulating Santiago on his efforts in defeating a small band of rebels forces, and to rendezvous with him in sector 17.

On his way around the mountain that separated him from Nicholas, Santiago radar lit up with an enemy mech inbound on his position. Santiago was about to inform Nicholas of the mech when 2 more appeared on his radar, and then another. Realizing that if Nicholas was made aware if his situation he would most certainly come to his aid. But Santiago did not want to take the risk of Nicholas getting killed. If he died then the dream of the Clans would die with him.

In that moment Santiago Conners new what it meant to be a Warrior. Loyalty and sacrifice! Santiago broke from radio contact, and charged in to the on coming mechs. He fired every weapon he had at the closet mech, sending the Crossbow crashing to the ground and erupting into a ball of flames. Two of the rebel mechs fired back at Santiago, melting armor off his right arm and leg. With his Large and medium lasers sited on Battle Cobra Santiago fired them into his leg, ripping through armor and damaging the internals skeleton. Though it was crippled its weapons were not. The mech fired back, this time severing Santiago's mechs right arm. With the Battle Cobra mech crippled Santiago sited in the third and smallest mech. Aiming for the mechs CT Santiago fired his Large Laser and hit the intended spot, melting most of its armor. Santiago fired again with his medium lasers at the Adder. From the red and gold flashes coming through the mechs armor Santiago new he had damaged the fusion reactor and the mech was going to explode. When the mech erupted the force sent Santiago's mech to the ground. Reaching out with the left arm Santiago was able to bring his self up right. The Battle Cobra fired at Santiago but did minimal damage to his back as half his weapons missed. The Huntsman did not miss, large lasers and auto cannons ripped through Santiago's center and left torso, making his mech stumble backwards. As his weapons recycled Santiago steadied himself and fired all the weapons he had left into the Huntsman cockpit. The mech's head exploded into hundreds of pieces, while the main body slowly fell backwards and smashing down on the terrain. Santiago turned to put his sights back on the Battle Cobra, but it was too late.

When Santiago Conners came to, he saw Khan Karrige staring down at him. Santiago asked if Nicholas was safe. Karrige smiled and moved so Santiago could see Nicholas. Nicholas knelt down beside Santiago and said " You will be remembered always Santiago Conners". With that Santiago closed his eyes forever. His blood was taken and placed as one of the honorable 800. In Clan WidowMaker some of the bravest and selfless warriors are born every day. A warrior that carries such name as Conners is well know for his/her loyalty to the clan and self sacrifice!

~ Noteable Blood Name Warriors ~

Clan records show the 1st WidowMaker warrior to win and hold this blood name is Tungz. After fighting 3 other honorable WidowMaker warriors for the Conners Bloodname, Tungz came out the victor! Tungz has written the blood name history for Conners so it stands and always will!

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