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~ Isaac Bloodname History ~


In the long and illustrious history of Clan Widowmaker, many have distinguished themselves as accomplished in their trade. The majority of bloodnames are given to warriors, who in the heat of combat manage marvelous deeds of bravery and honor that do their predecessors proud. For the progenitor of the Issac bloodname, however, the deed came not from prowess in combat, but extreme cleverness coupled with a calculated intellect. In this regard, Melissa Issac was not really much of a 'warrior' at all.

A very talented and resourceful scout pilot and infiltrator, usually avoiding most direct combat, she drew Kerenskys notice after performing a string of dangerous operations behind enemy lines. Her knack for knowing who and what was where, and reporting this information without losses eventually saw her advanced to the intelligence division for the SLDF. There, like Shingen Takeda of ancient Japan, she was instrumental in the coordination and construction of an intelligence-gathering network across the Star League utilizing everything from persons of ill repute, to ingenious modulations of technology. When Kerensky decided to make his moves, he had all the information he needed to do it.

Melissa left with him and the other members of the military in the great exodus, and though she won her trial, she maintained her support role, out of the cockpit coordinating information gathering more often than fighting firsthand. Many decades later, when Nicholas lead his own exodus, she left with his forces, acting as one of those in charge of being his eyes and ears around the battlefield.

During Nicholas Kerenskys invasion just prior to the clans establishment, she and a squad of other operatives were but one of many sent to gather whatever information they could from enemy outposts and bases. Troop numbers, locations, strength of each, and so on. While she and her squad found what they were looking for, so too were they found by their enemies. Fleeing in their light mechs, an errant hit to her Fireflys leg ended whatever chance she had of escape. Ever the planner, she had considered the potential of her own demise, as well as the objective of the mission. For initial security reasons, she was the only one who had a copy of the stolen data. As a backup, she had rewired a NARC missle, and loaded it into the LRM 5 launcher, which had no ammo of it's own loaded to interfere. She uploaded the data through her mechs computer to the NARC itself, and gave the order for her squad to leave her behind. As they departed, she fired the NARC onto one of their mechs, at which point the reprogrammed missle, rather than relaying targeting data, transmitted and uploaded the data it contained to the targeted mechs computer on impact.

Unable to escape, she turned around and bought what time she could, managing to take down one of their pursuers before her death. The mission however was a success, further cementing her bloodlines value. Since then, the Isaac lineage has produced some of the finest scouts in clan Widowmaker.

~Noteable Blood Name Warriors ~


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