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~ Jorgensson Bloodname History ~


Jorgensson. A Bloodname that is forever etched into the memory of the Clans. Our brethren who still adhere to the formal traditions consider this name synonymous with treachery and dishonor. The name and the warriors who have worn it, however, were always well respected and beloved by their clan. There was only one infamous slight to the heritage of this particular name, all other accounts in the codexs of our warriors have shown them to have been great warriors; strong, sound of mind, and possessing the utmost sense of honor. Cal Jorgensson, the last to wear this particular pedigree was known as the "the slayer of the ilKhan", but he had a distinguished and enviable career before his unfortunate fall.

The Jorgensson's have ever been some of the greatest sons and daughters of the SLDF. Dedicated to vanquishing the enemy, they doggedly pursue little else until this goal has been achieved. Tall, strong, athletic and bright; the archetypal warrior, that is what this pedigree produces.

The genetic materials of our forefathers and great heroes has been rediscovered, some from the cold dark reaches of Exodus Space; others reaved from our bitter enemies, the Wolves.

Our trothkin decanted from this line exhibit the ferociousness and cunning of our namesake WidowMaker and it is time for a new generation of warriors to pass in to this legacy.

~Noteable Blood Name Warriors ~

The first of our fellow WidowMakers to attain this Bloodright in centuries is Star Captain Mangonel.

He defeated 4 foes in honorable mech combat to claim the Jorgensson Legacy as his own. He is the first of many who will bring honor and glory back to the Bloodname Jorgensson and continue the traditions of Clan WidowMaker.


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