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Juergens Bloodname History ~


The Juergens name dates back to the Foundation of Clan Widowmaker through one of its Founders, Ryan Juergens, who as many other warriors opted to follow former SLDF General Aleksandr Kerensky's son Nicholas in the 'Second Exodus' of 2801 which led to the creation of the Clan system. Whilst less famous than some of the other Houses in Clan Widowmaker, the Juergens Warriors have nonetheless proven themselves masters of combat and are skilled at carrying out diverse missions as required for the Clan. Versatility and effectiveness define them well. Their varied skill set aside, Juergens warriors have been known to shine most brilliantly in Clan operations as mid to long range fighters, with their marksmanship skills making them proficient with Autocannons and PPCs alike.

~Noteable Blood Name Warriors ~

SSDDoom joined Clan Widowmaker in 3050 (2012) as a Sibkin, after wandering the ruthless battlefields as a rogue mercenary for several years and somehow managing to survive. He achieved the Juergens Bloodname in 3051 (2013) after a grueling fight in the Clan's second Trial of Bloodright since 3050 against Widowmaker's own Popsmosher, who had humiliated the lowly cadet in his first Trial of Battle for a warrior position within the Clan. He then rose up to the rank of Star Captain for the 1st ACES under Star Colonel Atimar after the promotion of former Star Captain Mangonel Jorgensson to Galaxy Commander.


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