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~ Pine Bloodname History ~


During Operation Klondike, Clan Widowmaker was assigned to liberate the planet Dagda along with Clan’s Burrock, Fire Mandrill, and Goliath Scorpion. The battle plans called for elements to land first and prepare the drop zone for the remaining clans. Clan Widowmaker won the right to lead the way when Annabell Pine bid a single heavy star under her own command to fulfill the task.

During the inbound burn from the jumpship to the dropzone saKhan Mariel Sanders gave this admonishment to Clan Widowmaker: “Show them who we are, how fearless we are, how great we are…We are Widowmakers!”

Annabell Pine’s heavy star, which consisted of one medium battlemech, three heavies, and one assault, made landfall near an outpost of the city of Folke on 17 August 2821. The first, and last, radio transmission from the unit confirmed they were facing elements of the Oriente Dominion. Little is actually known about what happened next, but the information that follows was gathered from recorders in the battlemech remains which were found and eye witness reports from Clan Fire Mandrill.

At some point communications contact was lost for unknown reasons. Pine pushed her forces into the enemy with such aggression, venom, and ferocity that it became both legendary and synonymous with being a Widowmaker. Using saKhan Sanders words as a battle call, Pine threw her unit at the defenders with reckless abandon. Her unit quickly overcame all resistance in the dropzone, suffering minimal damage, and waited for the arrival of the main landing force.

Unknown to Pine, due to a malfunction with the jumpship’s docking ring, the dropships containing the main force were delayed and unable to detach. When the main force did not arrive as expected she feared that something treacherous had happened to the jumpship and assumed all other forces lost.

As she received reports of enemy forces inbound, she quickly made the decision to meet them head on. Again, using the saKhan’s words as a battlecry she led her forces to attack. Flight recorders from enemy battlemech remains paint a gruesome picture of the battle that followed. Pine attacked with such extreme aggression and skill that most of the enemies were fleeing at the sight of her mech. She watched as one by one the other 4 battlemechs of her unit succumbed to damage and attrition. Little is known of what happened to Pine’s personal battlemech and the remains of only one mech from her unit, a heavy, were discovered. Based on the damage and evidence found by warriors o f Clan Fire Mandrill, it appears that Pine’s reactor exploded, whether by accident or design it is impossible to know. Such a massive explosive would explain why the remains of her battlemech and of the other 3 members of her star could not be found.

All told, Annabell Pine’s star faced a superior force of 2 lances in the initial dropzone, and an additional 2 companies of reinforcements; a total of 32 battlemechs. 20 of those mechs were confirmed kills for Annabell Pine. Her actions in this engagement not only cleared the dropzone, but sent shockwaves around the planet causing fear and respect whenever Widowmakers were sighted.

Pine’s legacy was one of aggression and tenacity. To any member of the Pine bloodline, it is considered the highest ideal to desire death in the heat of battle, to never give up even in the face of overwhelming odds, and to never surrender. Every fight is a fight to the death and that is the only way to earn honor and glory


~Noteable Blood Name Warriors ~



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