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~ Sender History ~


Times on Terra were beginning to get unsettled. Strife and Struggle between the houses was reaching a standard which was beginning to bring down the morale of people across the stars. This time of conflict produced the need to warriors of valor and honor to stand strong in their beliefs and protect their families and friends from the suffering which was expanding and a rate far too drastic to comprehend.

It was during this timeframe, prior to the great Exodus that the name Sender came into prominence. Mercenary legions were forming at a constant rate. Opportunists were using the tragedy of the environment to increase their personal fame and wealth. This did not sit well with Jonathan Sender. He was tired of seeing those he viewed as friends, leave their community behind at the chance to earn a quick credit. Men were wanting to increase their reputation, while Jonathan thought this was the time to protect their community.

Jonathan stood alone to protect his community from the ravages of war and those who sought to seek gain against those who were most affected. Stories of one man defying the odds against looters and scavengers began to spread quickly in this dark time. People needed motivation to keep their spirits uplifted causing an effect which Jonathan did not anticipate. He became a hero. Common folk began to crowd into his community, feeling safer knowing they would be protected. Other men of courage and honor became invigorated with his example and began to come to him for leadership and assistance in the cause of protection and morale solidarity.

Jonathan never viewed himself as a leader, but he did not have the time to argue. Many men were becoming his enemy, envious of what was being created and terrified that this man might lead enough people to seize power. Wave after wave of cowards acting as bullies continued to assault the community protected by Jonathan and his men.

Wave after wave was defeated, and Jonathan was determined to protect his wife and sons from all who wished to cause them harm. One day in early autumn, Jonathan heard a distress call from a person being attacked by a bandit patrol. Jonathan went alone to aid this person in need, many feared it was a trap. Jonathan however could not let the thought of injury or fear come between him and a person in need.

Jonathan arrived in time to save the life of the man who called for help. It only cost the life of the five bandits attempting to prey upon the innocent. Looking into the eyes of one who never thought to see life again was a moment Jonathan would not forget. He carefully took the injured man back to his house and helped restore the health of the man he saved. A week later a large force disturbed the community. Jonathan rushed out to defend his home and experienced the sensation of hopelessness when he saw the odds against him. This was a group with the latest technology and equipped with professional training not just equipment.

Jonathan had already made the decision to die fighting and ordered a move into the position of the hostile group. It was just prior to the first shot being fired, that Jonathan learned this was not a hostile group. A voice announcing the forces of Kerensky pierced the coms, it seemed they were in search for Kerensky. This is how Jonathan Sender learned he had rescued none other than Nicolas Kerensky. After learning the details of how his life was saved, General Kerensky made certain to include Jonathan Sender in all his preparations.

Over time Jonathan proved to be both loyal and unmatched in battle and whenever Nicolas needed to understand what was right and just in any situation no matter how complex, he knew Jonathan could provide the answer. The Sender family was chosen to accompany Kerensky and many others in the Exodus and Jonathan was excited about the opportunity to build a society based on family and honor and escape the clutches of greed and tyranny. When the warriors were split up into clans, Jonathan was asked to follow the Hunters.

Kerensky knew that Jonathan was a great leader, but was best when following the vision of one person with similar values. Kerensky could think of none better than John Hunter to lead and utilize Jonathan with is vision. This began the strong tie between the Hunter and Sender name, to help infuse Clan WidowMaker with strength and honor above all else.

Jonathan died of natural causes at an old age, able to see how his sons and grand children continued to carry on his name and his values which he helped establish. The Sender name embodies excellence on the battlefield and honor in every facet of life. The Sender name upholds the ideal of protecting all within the clan and believes friendships are what truly defeats an enemy.

~Noteable Blood Name Warriors ~


Jeri was a warrior in search of a home and stumbled across the path of Clan Widowmaker and discovered early on they exemplified the standards and ideals that he was searching for.

Joining in early 1999, Jeri served for a time as Loremaster during the NBT wars and earned his Bloodname in 2002 in a trial fight against Trukdriver.

In recent years Jeri was again called upon to serve as Loremaster at the behest of Khan Cyberwolf *Hunter*, more recently however the Khan has requested Jeri serve in the role of saKhan.

Jeri *Sender* Currently serves as House Senders Blood House Master


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