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~ Soon-Young Bloodname History ~


Nothing is known about Soon-Young prior to her entry in the trials to become one of the first 800 Warriors of the Clans. Absolutely nothing. Speculation varies widely from being a stowaway during the first exodus from the Inner Sphere to being orphaned during one the first uprisings on the Pentagon Worlds to being the daughter of a former dark ops soldier, but regardless of her background and origins her skills and prowess were spectacular.

Throughout the trials she scored above average. Where she distinguished herself, in an exceptional manner, was in the areas of scouting, sniping, and survival. Soon-Young displayed an unusual ability for stealth and indirect lethality that few have ever shown on the battlefield. She was frequently able to separate from the group and disappear into the terrain and emerge with a confirmed majority of the kills against her units adversaries. This, at first, disturbed others of her unit until she reappeared to devastate the opposition. Most of her opponents would admit that they never heard or saw her coming until it was too late and their battlemechs were disabled or destroyed.

She appears to have developed a close personal friendship Ramon Poujade. Some say they were lovers, but nothing was ever confirmed. She followed him in joining Clan Widowmaker as one of the first Bloodnamed warriors.

She is unique among the clans for two distinct reasons. First, she is the only warrior whose full name is never known. She simply identified herself as “Soon-Young”. Second, every warrior bearing her genetic legacy shows a predisposition for and preternatural gifting in the areas of stealth, survival, and long range weapon skill.

~Noteable Blood Name Warriors ~

S n a k e


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