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The Remembrance: Clan WidowMaker

The Remembrance of the Clans: Clan Widowmaker

Passage 1

Hark children of the Clans,

To the wisdom of Kerensky and your forebears,

Know what has come before;

Remember it as you strive toward the future.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 1, Verse 1, Lines 1-4[3]

Passage 2

Where nature's laws threatened the weary;

When food, water, even air itself ran low,

It took just a command, a word, a smile,

From the General to light the way.

He was comfort, stem courage, compassion,

To our sires as he led them from the fires

That grew and fed on those they left behind.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 2, Verse 14, Lines 18-24

Passage 3

The just deaths of the traitors frightened some

There among the darkness and alien stars.

A few lost heart and began with a quavering resolve

To question the Great Father's plan.

With stern compassion he spoke and all was revealed;

How their destiny was the Hidden Hope

Of all mankind and how their sons' sons

Would one day return to the Inner Spheres

Bringing back the enlightenment to the Star League

To those unfortunates they had left behind.

Such was their right; such is our legacy of blood.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 3, Verse 22, Lines 1-11

There will be a time when our descendants

Return to reclaim what is our right.

With honor swelling their hearts, they will crusade

Against the dark emotions that have dimmed.

The Inner Sphere for so long.

But with the glory comes responsibility;

Without a pure soul we cannot give sight

To their blind lives, but will only blind ourselves.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 3, Verse 41, Lines 1-8

Passage 8

The rebels, heeding neither strength nor sense,

Cowardly ambushed noble DeChavilier.

Although he fought like a lion, he died

And with his death came the clouds, and reason fled

Like a winter sun's feeble evening light

Above hopeless Eden and wicked Babylon.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 8, Verse 36, Lines 51-56

Passage 22

Two score as one mount, four steeds of the Great Father

Descended to return light to paradise, to bring peace to Hell,

But faced the gauntlet that would test them all

-- The Remembrance, Passage 22, Verse 1, Lines 1-3

Passage 23

Babylon, bright jewel in the dark,

The Heart of the Cobra,

The Skill of the Coyote,

The Courage of the Hellion,

The Rage of the Fox.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 23, Verse 2, Lines 8–12

Passage 24

Liberation and justice was their goal,

To purge the corruption and to make the land whole,

But through stone and sky and sand and sea,

Bitter Tear's would be Circe's legacy.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 24, Verse 1, Lines 4-7

Passage 25

Like shining stars the warrior's descended,

A fiery rain to purify and punish,

Yet even angels can be corrupted,

Brought low by base desires.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 25, Verse 3, Lines 9-11

Passage 26

Bloody vengeance would be Eden's fate,

The heart of darkness,

Doomed to wait,

For the Sons of Kerensky,

Grim and merciless.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 26, Verse 2, Lines 4-8

Passage 67

Five, Nicholas proclaimed, was the foundation

Upon which our true society was to be built.

Laborers to till the land, to do the tasks:

They shall have our undying gratitude,

For they are the muscle behind us all.

Merchants to buy and sell with fairness:

They shall have our commerce and respect,

For they are the bones upon which we are built.

Technicians to build and fix the machines:

They shall have our admiration,

For they are the fingers with which we grasp life.

Scientists to create and discover:

They shall have our awe and our attention,

For they are the mind of our society.

And above all, the Warriors who protect.

They shall have our cooperation and worship,

For they are the blood and soul of us all.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 67, Verse 26, Lines 21-37

Passage 72

For the day will come and our kin will stand

On Terra's firm soil, ready to rebuild

The Star League with their hearts and hands.

But who shall lead? Upon whose shoulders

Will the burden lie? The answer is the test;

The test is the journey. Whichever Clan

Carves its way through the barbarians

To reach that fabled cradle of us all

Shall be the vehicle of the League's rebirth. Upon

The Star League throne shall sit that Clan's

Wisest Khan. So should it be - So shall it be.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 72, Verse 22, Lines 14-24

Passage 74

Let all warriors bear their mark proudly,

Taking what pride they can in their accomplishments;

For our lives should be full of glory, but short.

On the battlefield, we are alone.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 74, Verse 26, Lines 1-4

Passage 98

From Kerensky's Stars came the Eight Hundred

Beneath a banner of Truth and Righteous Light

To lift up those who had suffered and to smite down

With fearful vengeance those who had ruled

In the name of Vanity or Greed.

The thunder of their BattleMech's feet, the lightning

From their weapons, and the blood spilled in their name

Created the Clan Spirit, the forge upon which

We have fashioned ourselves to be the weapon

Of the resurrected Star League,

Honed to a razor's edge by the Trials,

By the Remembrance, and by the Words

Of the Great Kerensky’s, our sires, our savior.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 98, Verse 24, Lines 8-20

Passage 118

All praise the art of batchall and bidding

For it proves our love of peace and tradition.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 118, Verse 3, Lines 11-12

Passage 149

Like a poisonous weed, the Not-Named fostered

Thoughts and actions against the Clans, calling them

"Independence" and "Freedom", not realizing

Their every act chained them to the corruptions

That brought down the noble Star League

And set the Inner Sphere aflame.

But the Clans survived by condemning

Them to a bitter annihilation.

Led by Clans Wolf and Widowmaker,

The Grand Council wiped clean the records,

Obliterating with the warm blood

Of its tragically doomed warriors

Every mention of the Not-Named Clan.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 149, Verse 55, Lines 21-33

Passage 154

About the fallen hero they gathered,

None able to give voice to his shock.

Khan Jerome Winson knelt, tears streaming,

To cradle Nicholas Kerensky's head.

To wipe the blood from the cold brow,

To close the lightless eyes. Peace great Hero.

Choked with sadness and anger

Khan Jerome Winson spoke. "Khan Cal Jorgensson,

I cry, not for myself, nor for others.

I weep for your Clan Widowmaker. There is a price for such a crime

As you have committed. A price you

And your Clan will pay."

-- The Remembrance, Passage 154, Verse 34, Lines 16-28

Passage 167

And Minaka Widowmaker spoke,

"I claim the Bloodname Vordermark;

It was my mother's and my mother's fathers,

It is mine by association and blood pride."

The Council was stunned and outraged

By her lack of respect for the Clan ways.

Then the ilKhan rose and spoke wise words.

"Such a claim is not freely granted, Minaka.

Although your blood may cry out Vordermark,

It is your muscle and mind that will make it so.

Remember the Rede of our past, Widowmaker,

And do not ask words to win what the trial decides.

If strong, you will win the right.

But do justice to our future

By remembering our past, young one.

Those are my words, that is my judgment"

-- The Remembrance, Passage 167, Verse 34, Lines 33-48

Passage 222

And never forget that help may come

From the most unlikely of quarters

And success rest upon the shoulders

Of those kept shadowed until the time of need.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 222, Verse 6, Lines 11-14

Passage 272

Then the order came, "Furl the sails.

Ready for jump, mighty warriors.

We journey back, we journey home,

Carrying the flame of the Star League

Back to the heart. We face the ignorant

Who believe themselves civilized and strong,

But they will soon discover otherwise.

We are the Clans, the Star League incarnate.

None can stand against us and survive."

-- The Remembrance, Passage 272, Verse 8, Lines 11-19

Passage 285

No natural calamities cost you.

There was no great disease, no famines;

No interstellar catastrophe to blame.

You have no excuse to explain

How this, out rightful palace, has been fouled

With the dust of countless innocent dead.

The truth is that you are the descendants

Of traitors who scurry about like rats

In the dark, fighting over petty kingdoms

At the foot of the empty throne.

Never recognizing that you have given up

The one true prize.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 285, Verse 15, Lines 21-32

Passage 294

Tyra of the Rasalhague led,

Forth her fiery fighting Drakons,

Gallant in bronze. A warrior woman whose hands

Were unskilled in the ways of hearth and home,

In skills of war she was hard and trained

To leave behind the airy winds and fight

Where the void is eternal and life fleeting.

Tyra and her warriors fought

Like crazed demons above Radstadt.

When her fighter crippled by ours,

And her life leaked away into the endless night,

She chose to die

And sent her fighter like a spear

Through the Dire Wolf, claiming as isorla

Our mighty ilKhan's life. Sing of our loss, warriors!

Sing, but of Tyra also

For though an enemy, her courage none can deny.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 294, Verse 8, Lines 17-33

Passage 327

And so the Khans met in kurultai

To discuss the carving of Tukayyid.

As if it was some feast dish cooked

And tender, begging for the server's knife.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 327, Verse 3, Lines 5-8

Passage 328

Sons and daughters of the blood legacy

Inspire me as I sing,

Of the deaths dealt out on Tukayyid

And of what our warriors faced and bravely fought:

Help me paint a portrait of an apocalypse.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 328, Verse 1, Lines 1-5

Passage 411

And the ilKhan give us his final words,

Charging us to protect those

With whom we found refuge in our time of need.

In this, our final duty, we shall not fail.

-- The Remembrance, Passage 411, Verse 16, Lines 1-4

Passage 500

A new beginning, birthed from within

The belly of the Wolf, comes forth the spawn of the Widow

Consumed, absorbed, reforged, reborn. In stealthy silence did the acarine wait and grow

Until in due time Khan Kerensky unleashed her pedigree

Once again the Blackwidows were set forth

To subjugate the stravag Inner Sphere

With Wolves in Exile the Widowmakers did disentangle

To spread the web of glory and victory anew Behold our visage, fierce and rampant,

Descending upon our prey to devour those unworthy

Until at last we stand triumphant alone upon the jewel of Terra Let our warriors harken to their destiny

From the chrysalis of the Wolf we emerge in strength

To reclaim our glory of old

To surge forth unto new glories

As yet untold and undiscovered In strength we stand united

With purpose we pursue our prey

Our Glory is our venom

Paralyzing them with the truth of our power and prowess

Striking fear into the hearts of our adversaries

Upon hearing of our inevitable return

And our inexorable victory But with honor we show compassion

In humility we shall rule

And fear shall be transformed into respect

When as ilClan we shall restore justice and prosperity

As the Star league is reborn in the clutch of the Widowmakers


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