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~ Karrige Bloodname History ~


Stigmatized by his father's hand in the Prinz Eugen rebellion, young Jason Karrige was left with the determination to choose his own fate. This determination would serve him well when Nicholas Kerensky formed the Clans, placing Karrige as the Khan of Clan Widowmaker. Unfortunately Karrige had a lust for power that was not sated by his Khanship, hoping to one day become ilKhan, and the Wolverines gave him a way to do that. While the Wolverines had not maintained good relations with their brethren, Karrige ensured that these relationships worsened. After the fateful discovery of the Brian Cache with nuclear warheads, he saw his opportunity to paint Wolverine as the ultimate enemy which he could defeat and come out as the hero. Unfortunately for him, this scheme was his undoing as his hand in the Dehra Dun incident was discovered and he faced death at the hands (or rather, PPC) of the last Wolverine warrior. While the genetic lineage was said to have been reaved this, like most info on the Clan's turbulent formation, was a fabrication. While his scheming put him and the Clan in danger, he is considered the founder of the Widowmaker Watch which—regardless of whether the Clans choose to acknowledge it or not—was critical to the Clan’s success in the early days.

The Karrige bloodline is infamous for its prowess in all areas of the battlefield: piloting, gunnery, tactics, and strategy. After Widowmaker's exodus from the Clans following the ilKhan's death and subsequent Trial of Annihilation, the Karrige bloodline continued, but with the one limitation that those of the bloodhouse never get promoted above Star Colonel. This limitation would be lifted during our era of “Redefinement” for the limitation was a mirror of the stigma that lead Jason Karrige to have such a hunger for power. The Karrige bloodline is regarded as one of the best bloodlines available to Widowmaker and has produced the best warriors Widowmaker has ever seen.

~Noteable Blood Name Warriors ~

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