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~ Vodermark Bloodname History ~


Few bloodnames have endured the test of time, the test of courage and the test of survival as the Vordermark. Stemming from the Kings of old it symbolizes strength, loyalty and determination; all the qualities of a great leader and a model soldier. However what makes this blood name so unique among all others is that it was never multiplied or combined in a Eugenics Program nor has there even been a successful Trial of Blood Right for this name. Yet a single silk thread has been laid down and for over 200 years this line has been hidden, in the dark, away from From its journey on Terra during the First Exodus to the Pentagon worlds, a Vordermark aided the Great Father in rebuilding the Star League; from the civil war that broke loose and the Seconded Exodus to the Strana Mechty, a Vordermark witnessed with Nicholas the birth of the Clans; from the annihilation of the Wolverines to the Great Tragedy, a Vordermark wept with the dying Nicholas; from the fall of Widowmaker to birth of the Dark, a Vordermark was left behind to hide, to wait, to reawaken. -The First Vordermark- Not much is known is about Heinrich Vordermark as many of the records were lost during the Trial of Absorption. We know he was born in 2735 to a noble family in Berlin and held the rank the rank of Field Marshal by the age of 35. He was in command of the 4th Panzer Korp and was instrumental in supporting Aleksandr Kerensky against Stephan Amaris in Europe and later in Moscow. He died in 2801 on Dagda when his Korp tried to protect the planets capital from 3 full rebel divisions. -The Sakhan- Alderac Vordermark was born in 2772 and spent a very short time on Terra before he left with his father on the Great Exodus. After spending four years constructing farms and towns upon his arrival on Dagda, he enlisted into the Panzer Korp and it was here where he meet General Cal Jorgenson, a friend of his father. In 2801 a rebellion was raging across the Pentagon Worlds and when the 4th Panzer Korp was defending Dagda’s capitol and space port, Heinrich Vordermark was killed. Alderac was soon consumed with rage and fought fierce-fully to protect his father’s mech while medics attempted to remove his mangled corpse. It is said that Alderac singled handily tied down an entire rebel company on a narrow street. In the following months Alderac would serve with distinction on Babylon and later Eden along the side of Nicholas Kerensky. After the 2nd Exodus to the Kerensky Cluster and the creation of the 20 Clans on Strana Mechty, Khan Cal Jorgenson had to elect his vice. He wanted a young ambitious young warrior that he knew and could trust; thus he named Major Alderac Vordermark as the first Widowmaker Sakhan. Details of his accomplishments are unknown but we do know that Sakhan Vordermark played a pivotal role in retaking the Pentagon Worlds 20 years later and in the annihilation of the Not-Named Clan. Sakhan Alderac Vordermark was killed on Roche in 2834 when a Wolf artillery barrage killed both him and Scorpion Khan Elam. -The Widows of the Wolf- With the death of both Khan Jorgenson and Sakhan Vordermark many of the remaining few Widowmakers fled clan space that could. But not all choose to leave many of the warriors voted to stay and protect the scientist, technicians and laborers as they evacuated on every available ship. Among those valorous warriors was Anneke Vordermark, Alderac’s daughter and last surviving Vordermark Mechwarrior of Clan Widowmaker. After the last Widowmaker ship left Clan Space and Clan Wolf had claimed victory over the Trial of Absorption, Star Captain Anneke Vordermark (by now the highest ranking Widowmaker) worked with her new Khan to preserve the Widowmaker names and heritage so that there future would be secured in Wolf so that they will never forget there past. Later Anneke’s only daughter Krista Widowmaker would continue her mothers wishes for preservation and pride of the old Widowmaker. Krista Widowmaker would later serve with distinction in Wolf and proved that the new Widowmakers could be trusted and were as equally capable and honorable as there Wolf comrades. Although she never held a blood name Star Colonel Krista Widowmaker brought great honor to all Widowmakers through many victorious Trials in the name of Clan Wolf. In 2876 she ended her position as commander of the 13th Wolf Guard when she was killed in during a Trial of Possession against Clan Jade Falcon in the name of Clan Wolf. By 2890 it was the Golden Age for the clans new Coyote Omni Technology and Wolf Elementals were beginning production with Trial of Possessions erupting all across the 18 Clans. It was during these times of pride and prosperity that Minaka Widowmaker (daughter of Krista Widowmaker) choose to create glory of her own by casting off the title Widowmaker and donning the cloak of the Vordermark. -The Return of Vordermark- Although her initial request for the ilKhan to reopen the Vordermark name was rejected, he later held a special Trial for Minaka since she was the only living descendent of the Vordermark line she failed. So frustrated and obsessive Minaka was that she later began researching on the lost Widowmakers, the Dark, knowing full well it was forbidden to associate with such castes. She intended to locate there settlements at the edge of Clan space and retrieve any Vordermark as bondsmen and to reinstate them in Wolf as Mechwarriors. After several years of patients Star Captain Minaka Widowmaker her Binary in an Extended Border Patrol deep into the Caliban Nebula where she found what she was looking for the lost Widowmakers, legendary Dark Caste of Clan lore. Her Binary of Widowmakers never returned and to the Dark she gave new knowledge of Elementals, Omni-Mechs and full knowledge of the new Clans.

~ Noteable Blood Name Warriors ~


A humble Ristar and fanatical warrior, Aufklarung was born with the blood of Minaka Widowmaker. He was created in 3038 (joined in 2002) and battled his fellow sibkins for the honor to be the first living male Vordermark since the days of the Exodus. As Star Captain of the 55th Iron Web, Aufklarung Vordermark has aided in the mass expansion of the Dark Widowmakers and fought defending it on every front. Although he has yet to claim either a Crusader or Warden stance, he is a stanch Zealot of the Dark Widows and is the highest ranking Weaver 2nd only to the Loremaster.


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