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Brief Background of the Widow Makers Online

With the awesome world of BattleTech made by FASA and the games of MechWarrior for the PC our group of InterNet Warriors formed into a close group of on-line friends.

Online WidowMakers The birth of the WidowMakers was in March of 1996, when the Grand Council an online gaming ladder for NetMech opened for all MechWarriors to join and fight for the Honor of their Clan. The WidowMakers 1st Khan is unknown, his codex lost when an attack on WidowMaker HeadQuarters wiped out all clan records.

KHAN GREYBEAR However, WidowMakers 2nd Khan was Khan GreyBear, a noble Khan that took the WidowMaker crest and brought it to life. In his time of Leadership he trained many a warrior, but the clan failed to work together as one. Khan GreyBear then put his Khanship up for trial.

KHAN JURASSICK 3rd Khan Jurassick answered the call of battle, won this trial, and began to rebuild Clan WidowMaker, under his leadership clan WidowMaker was rebuilt. After intensive training of warriors in the art of Class 1 fighting, soon Clan WidowMaker was respected as the TOP Class 1 clan in the Grand Council. Khan Jurassick soon brought his small band of warriors to the top 10 of the Honors list at the Grand Council. The Warriors became a family and a team under his leadership.

KHAN CYBERWOLF In April of 1997, saKhan CyberWolf takes over for Khan Jurassick due to Jurassicks real life duties. CyberWolf after serving the clan from 1996 as a Cadet worked his way up via Trials of Position to the rank of saKhan. After this acception of the mantle of Khanship the WidowMakers have grew in size and have been at the Top in Honor points in the Grand Council.

April - June of 1997 Clan WidowMaker's take 1st place out of the 21 Clans in the Grand Council. July - September of 1997 - 2rd place. October-December of 1997 - 3nd place. January-March 1998 - 9th place April-June 1998 - 3rd place July-September 1998 - 4th place

KHAN INIGO 10/98 - 4/99 Due to Real Life commitments with work, Khan CyberWolf had to take a leave from the Clan. In his place saKhan Inigo lead the clan with Honor and Pride.

CyberWolf returned on 4/99 and was given lead of the Clan once again.


After playing NetMech for over 4 years, the Grand Council was slowly shutting down, and WidowMaker warriors were looking for something new to turn to.Most of the WidowMakers looked forward to MW3 to bring new life to the game, in the mean time StarSiege: Tribes came out, which many of the WidowMakers got into, and the MechWarrior side of WM slowly faded away as most were working hard to build a vibrant WidowMaker Tribe.

MW3 finally came out and the Grand Council opened GC3. Clan WidowMaker reformed, training hard in MW3. After 3 months of working with MW3's bugs and problems many WidowMakers went back to thriving world of Tribes. A small group of WidowMakers were asked to beta test the next new patch for MW3, and it was hopped that the programmers would listen to the MechWarrior's input about the new patch. Alas, they did not and the patch did not do much to help the game's deficiencies.

Khan CyberWolf finally closed the Clan's Mech Bays and HQ at the end of '99 and turned his attention to Tribes to keep the WidowMaker soul alive and healthy. Shortly after the shutdown of our Mech HQ, the Grand Council shut its doors and, alittle while later, its Kali server as well.


8.01.2000 - Khan CyberWolf and other core WidowMakers sound the WidowMaker warrior recall becon. Clan WidowMaker reopens its Mech bays and Command Center for the start up of MechWarrior 4. WidowMakers join various ladder leagues RiseStar, SL, VL and BZ4.

2001 - 2002

WidowMakers join the Planetary league called UTS Gaming, a fun planetary league where Clans fought other clans to earn the right to be 1 of 6 to attack the IS. WidowMakers took 1st of the clans and had 1st pick at an invasion slot on the IS. In the IS invasion Khan CyberWolf was voted to ilKhan of the Clans and pushed hard to get the Clan invasion going. As the invasion started all clans were given the same resources and WidowMakers made there way to the IS under saKhan Luger's master plan. After many a well fought battles on the road to Terra, WidowMakers were the 1st clan to launch and land dropships on Terra. Terra was defended by the famed Merc unit Hansens Rough Riders. HHR defended Terra against our attack shortly after the league reset. Was a fun ride for sure!


2002 NBT:IV After spending time in the UTS, WidowMakers joined NBT:IV a planetary mech league as a minor clan with minor clan resources. In time our victories and conquests enabled us to take over Clan GhostBears recourses and slot in the league, admins of the league let us keep the WidowMaker name even though we were using CBG planets and resources this in it self was a great honor. In this time the NBT:IV Clan Wolf started up the age old adversarial relationship that the Battletech WidowMaker/Wolf enjoyed. More then 200 combat drops were fought against Clan Wolf alone before the end of NBT:IV.

2003 NBT:Mercs

March 2003 the NBT starts up its new version of its awesome planetary league, starting with a Battletech time line where Clan WidowMaker no longer thrived we were left with a choice of taking a clan unit that did exist in the time line or taking the DarK Caste a clan bandit unit. We chose to take the Clan bandit unit given the challenge of turning that unit into Clan WidowMaker! The offer was if we captured a certain amount of planets and resources that we could be recognized as a full clan unit within the league and given clan planets.

UPDATE 2004 Currently Clan WidowMaker enjoy its role as a Clan Bandit caste unit in NBT:Mercs, as the clan strives to turn the DarK Caste into Clan WidowMaker in the league we have enjoyed more than 300 combat drops as a "Bandit/Pirate" unit with limited resources. March 2004 Black Dragons/Crescent Hawks Merge Members of the Black Dragons/Crescent Hawks merge with Clan WidowMaker to form a strong and active unit!

2005 Dark Caste returns to the clans as Clan WidowMaker! After fighting hundreds of battles and collecting the required planets and resources we meet with the Grand Council of the clans and role play our way back as a full clan. Restore to full clan status with planets and clan resources we move to take Terra!

August 2008

NBT Shuts down - As the last dropships leave the planetary systems of the NBT, Clan WidowMaker retires to Eden Prime waiting to be called on when another great MechWarrior game comes out.

May 2010

With an updated relase of MW4 by MeKTek a group of honorable, skilled warriors rebuild Clan WidowMaker under the direction of Khan Ghost and saKhan Ion Raptor. They seek veteran WidowMaker warriors guidance as they rebuild. Veteran warriors such as CyberWolf, Tzuwolf, Mr.Kirby, Quicksilver return to active duty to keep Clan WidowMaker alive.

July 2010

Khan CyberWolf , takes leadership of clan once again.

Oct 2010

Rommel Sender promoted to saKhan

2011 MechWarrior Online Announced! Khan CyberWolf gets techs working on restoring WMHQ, as well recalling all past CWM members to ramp up for MechWarrior online!

Dec 2012 Zero promoted to saKhan

Apr 2013 Mar Helmer promoted to saKhan


Misc Info: WhoIs lookup info on Domain Registration Domain Name: WIDOWMAKERS.COM Record created on 18-Apr-1999.


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