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Hail WidowMaker Gamers!

WMHQ is Back! We are on a new stable host with new code to boot. While the look is very close to the old site, new options and pages will be coming online very soon.

Bear with me as there are some things that have small issues, colors might be off a bit ect. Please post what you see on the forum under Website Feedback.

I want to thank the following community members whos help made it possible for us to have this updated web HQ.

  • Blackster - Providing the web hosting and soon to come a new and better Teamspeak Server.

  • Mau5trap - Database master! Mau5trap was instrumental in restoring our past data and site to the new host as well providing testing and technical experience!

  • Harcroft - Web site testing, feedback, New Teamspeak Server and keeping the group on task!

  • Lilferret - Web site testing, feedback, working on the Awards system. New Teamspeak Server


WidowMaker Gaming Community Manager.


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